Kavita & Vimal Sethi

We started out with Diverse 12 years ago with our eldest daughter. Watching her perform encouraged our son to join at the tender age of 6 years. Finally, our youngest joined a few years back. Diverse is not only a dance school but a family that the kids become a part of, not to mention us parents! Scott, Lisa and all of the wonderful teachers have done so much more than just teaching our children technical dance moves and giving them amazing opportunities like dancing with idols, performing at Dubai Opera and engaging in international competitions. Even more importantly they have become friends, mentors and role models to our children for which we will always be grateful. As an expat, there aren’t always uncles and aunts to help navigate through the life’s winding path hence we have felt incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some wonderful adults, such as the loving teachers at Diverse, who have been invested in our children’s health and welfare.


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