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Isabel Snaas

“I have so much to thank Scott and Lisa for; without them, I could never have cultivated my love for the performing arts in such a supportive and loving environment that was Diverse. During my time there, I was able to act out the likes of Maria in West Side Story, Mary Poppins and Christine in Phantom of the Opera, ticking off some of my most dreamed about roles. In addition, I met the most incredible students (as well as teachers!) and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for each individual and the amazing school that is Diverse Choreography. Thank you!”

Matthew Melone

“Scott and Lisa are the real deal. I constantly find myself coming back for workshops and classes to brush up on my technique. That is the power of Scott and Lisa’s teaching – they manage to strike a perfect balance between motivating their students to strive for excellence while giving them the freedom and encouragement to discover and express themselves through movement, dance, singing and acting.”

Harrison Wilde
Betty Laine Scholarship

“Diverse changed my life. They gave me the confidence and the belief in myself, that I could actually pursue Musical Theatre & Dancing as a serious career choice, not only that but I had a place that I belonged and would call a second home. I owe everything to this amazing family, and I am always forever grateful for their ongoing love and support.”

Ella Oberg

“Diverse shaped my entire childhood and paved my life to be what it looks like today. I am eternally grateful not only for the impeccable training we all recieved, but also for the lifelong family we have gained. The amount of support and love that surrounds this school is honestly amazing and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them, 100%.”

Devon Braithwaite

“Diverse provides an incredibly supportive environment for young performers to cultivate and nurture their talent. Through their guidance I was granted places at the top performing arts colleges in both America and the U.K. They are truly the best performing arts school in the Middle East for those serious in pursuing active careers in the Performing Arts.”

Megan Conroy

“I’ve just graduated from the Urdang academy with an Honours degree in dance and musical theatre. The only reason I got here is because I had the most WONDERFUL teachers and supportive students around me at Diverse.
It was at Diverse that I realised this wasn’t a hobby and it was something that I wanted to do everyday for as long as I could! I’ve also made some friendships for life, and have continued support of the teachers that got me all this way, including they’re amazing input in my final year dissertation.Diverse is one of a kind, and so are it’s creators Scott and Lisa Marshall. I will be forever grateful for it, from day 1 auditioning in the locker rooms of wellington, to each time I meet up with other wonderful ex students in London and hear about the amazing things they’re doing and watching their shows x SNAPS FOR DIVERSE! “

Callum Bell

“Diverse choreography has simply changed my life and paved the way for me to truly achieve success in something that once was thought of as a hobby but it is now being realised as a career. I can’t thank Diverse enough for the incredible training they provided or for the ever-growing second family I have been blessed with, Diverse is truly something special and will always be in my stride.”

Alice Oberg

“A massive thank you to Diverse for training me and basically raising me for a huge portion of my life. I will never forget and will always be thankful for you guys pushing me to my fullest to get me to where I am today at Arts Educational School, London. Thank you and love you!”

Charlie Waddell

“Diverse Choreography is truly my second home. The bonds and friendships I’ve made at the studio are sure to last a lifetime. Thank you to Lisa, Scott and all the amazing staff at Diverse for pushing me to my fullest potential and believing in me always! I wouldn’t be where I am and at the college of my dreams without you all. Lots of love!”

Crischaela Vallender

“Diverse has been my family for as long as I can remember. As a young girl I was inspired by Scott and Lisa who not only made me the performer I am today but also the person I am proud to be”

Charlie Williams

“From day 1 walking into Diverse, it was as if I was being welcomed into the most incredible family, a family that still stands to this day.I am infinitely grateful to have been trained by the teachers at Diverse whose training and experience provided me with the knowledge that anyone who didn’t go to this wonderful school could only dream of. Diverse constantly challenged me and pushed me, while constantly supporting me and giving me the opportunities that allowed me to now do what I love every day”

Lily Naylor

“Diverse has been my second home for the last five years. Not only because of the hours spent training but also the relationships established and the support that I have received from all of the staff. They have provided a rigorous program of study that prepared me for all of my auditions. There have been tears, torn muscles and tantrums over the years but lots of laughter and completely worth every minute. I am now going to study at my dream school for the next 3 years and fully believe this would not have been possible without Diverse”

Eleanor Nightingale

“Diverse has been my second family since I was 7 years old and has made me into the person I am today. The support and encouragement has been amazing over the years from Scott, Lisa and all the wonderful teachers.
This year I have been lucky to have been offered places at GSA and Laine enabling me to pursue my career in Musical Theatre. This has all been down to the exceptional training Diverse has to offer”

Oliver Ferro

“How does a boy go from wearing rugby boots and a Black Belt to Ballet tights and tap shoes? To be honest I still don’t know, but it happened to me, and I can thank Diverse and the amazing team for helping me make this change… and it’s fair to say that I’ve never looked back. And because of them I am now heading to Laine Theatre Arts to pursue what I love and I couldn’t be more thankful for the incredible family I have made along the way.”

Ella Shire

“Diverse gave me a strong and professional start in my performing career. The skills and attitude I learnt at diverse helped me hugely in attending a full time drama school in London to then working in the industry. I am so grateful for the dedicated and hard working teachers and mentors at Diverse, I wouldn’t be where I am now without them”

Hannah Marcos

“I am so proud and lucky to be a part of the diverse family and cannot thank everyone enough for all their support. The studios were my second home and they helped me bloom a hobby into a career. Thanks to their amazing training and supportive faculty I am professionally training at my dream musical theatre college “

Lucy Adams

“I joined Diverse when I moved to Dubai in 2011 and I truly don’t believe I would be training professionally if it wasn’t for Scott, Lisa and their teams amazing training! The Diverse family is always there to support you and give advice even once you have graduated.”

Zahid Siddiqui

“My experience at Diverse helped me to gain confidence on stage and in myself that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. The skills I learnt there have really helped me to become a more well rounded performer, and on top of that I made some the greatest friends!”

Rosie Napper
Bonnie Langford Scholarship

“Diverse provided me with so much. Not just technique and strength but knowledge, attack and confidence. The professional opportunities and first rate training have truly shaped me to be the performer and person I am today. I’m really grateful to Scott, Lisa and the rest of the team for all of their support throughout my time with Diverse. Thank you!”

Kayleigh Drake

“After leaving Dubai I went to study at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where I fell in love with festivals, live events and producing. During my time there I worked with Paradise Green at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and have since been elected onto the board of directors where I work with 7 other directors to put the festival on at our venues each year. Alongside that, I work full time within the catering and events industry, acting as both event planner and manager for events across London, UK and Europe. I still pursue dance and performance in all my free time and
Diverse is the inspiration for my love of live events
through the jobs I was lucky enough to have as a semi-professional dancer at pop up events and exhibitions in Dubai. It has massively improved my confidence, physique and the amazing pool of friends that have also moved to London
I am so honoured to be a part of such a “Diverse” family and hope to be back soon to visit! “


“Diverse has been my second home for the last 8 years, they have allowed me to develop my skills as a performer as well as welcoming me into a family which I will cherish for the rest of my life. Diverse has offered me a range of training and opportunities that have given me an insight of the industry and will aid me through the next 3 years of my professional training. I could not have asked for a better dance studio to welcome me to my passion.”


“I can honestly say that Diverse has shaped me to become the performer I am today. It is because of the intense training provided by the incredibly dedicated teachers that I can finally turn my childhood dreams into reality by going off to GSA. I have been pushed harder than I could have ever imagined and am beyond grateful for that. Diverse is and will always be my second home, not only because I spent more time there than I actually did in my own home over the past 5 years, but also because of my talented friends and the unbreakable bonds I have been able to make during my time as a student at Diverse.”

Grace Williams

“ My six years at diverse have been truly wonderful, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without their brilliant team! Both the training, the performances and the experiences diverse provides have given me memories I will cherish forever, as well as building the foundation of my training to successfully prepare me for drama school. Now that I am at drama school, I miss Diverse dearly, even early Saturday morning helping out with the minis! I wish them every luck in the future and will always love my diverse family!”

Sophie Whitwell
Jossie Padgett
Chloe Perras
Dada Scholarship
Maxine Muchado


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