Megan Conroy – Urdang Academy, London

“I’ve just graduated from the Urdang academy with an Honours degree in dance and musical theatre. The only reason I got here is because I had the most WONDERFUL teachers and supportive students around me at diverse.

It was at diverse that I realised this wasn’t a hobby and it was something that I wanted to do everyday for as long as I could! I’ve also made some friendships for life, and have continued support of the teachers that got me all this way, including their amazing input in my final year dissertation.

Diverse is one of a kind, and so are it’s creators Scott and Lisa Marshall. I will be forever grateful for it, from day 1 auditioning in the locker rooms of Wellington school, to each time I meet up with other wonderful ex-students in London and hear about the amazing things they’re doing and watching their shows x SNAPS FOR DIVERSE! “


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