Leanne Braithwaite

“Diverse is an outstanding Performing Arts school. They take the training and safety of your children seriously, whilst striving to maintain the highest possible levels of training. The staff are both nurturing and focused on all of their students, with their sole motivation being to ensure they bring the very best out of all of their students. The school is a family run business headed by Scott and Lisa Marshall, who are extremely talented and experienced performers in their own right. They hire only the very best teachers and trainers, often importing talented personnel from overseas. My son, Devon, is currently working as a professional in the industry after having trained for several years at Diverse and was subsequently accepted into top Universities – The Boston Conservatory (Berkeley University) USA and Laine Theatre Arts in London. He has gone on to perform in Mamma Mia, Aladdin and several other musicals, TV productions and more since graduating as a professional. His success is largely due to the outstanding training and support he received at Diverse. We loved being a part of this dynamic company and have many fun memories of Devon’s time there. We will always feel like a part of the Diverse Family. I highly recommend this school.


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