Scotty & Fran Waddell

It is with great pleasure that my hubby and I write this commending Diverse for the superb, top quality all-round training that our daughter Charlie received from their school. As a result of this, she is now pursuing her training further in the UK. Let us first say that choosing a school in Dubai to upkeep her love of dance/performing arts was very easy since we were guided to try the BEST and instantly without any doubt, we knew this was a fact! We needed to make sure that our daughter would be getting the best possible all-round training as she had received in Canada. It’s now almost 7 years later and we have never looked back. Lisa, Scott and their fantastic, well qualified staff have their student’s best interest always at heart. Kids are made to realize their full potential whether they choose to do this for recreational or career purposes. The atmosphere is one where even as a parent you feel like family. We cannot even put into words the love and gratitude we feel for this establishment that in so many wonderful ways have moulded our Charlie into the amazing dancer/performer she is today. It is with sincere gratitude that we highly recommend Diverse. We assure you no regrets! A platform for kids to learn, act, sing and dance to their heart’s content but most importantly in an environment where love take precedent with a faculty that has every single child’s best interest at heart. We love all our DIVERSE family, a family we have gained for a lifetime. Heartfelt thanks to this amazing team!


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