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Beginner and Advanced Hip Hop Classes in Dubai

Diverse Performing Arts Center offers one of the best Hip Hop classes in the city. This revolutionary and popular dance style is one of the favourite classes at our Performing Arts Centre and we are not surprised as it is such a fun and vibrant dance style!

Our experienced instructors will teach you the basics, plus all the latest moves and techniques to make sure you have the right groove when it’s comes to Hip-Hop music. Whether you are looking to be a professional dancer or you just want to learn the skills out of enjoyment and appreciation of this style, you are welcome to sign up for our next classes!

Interested to Sign Up for Our Next Hip-Hop Class?

We use different elements of Hip Hop and Street Dance in our classes to keep students excited and challenged. If this is something you want to try out, contact us today at 800-DIVERSE to get further information and to book a FREE trial class!

Why join Diverse Performing Arts Center?

Our school is open to children and young adults who would like to learn and enjoy all styles of dance. Hip-Hop requires coordination, power and flexibility and that is why our classes our designed to teach our students the foundation and essential techniques. Diverse Performing Arts Center is also home to Dance Fusion which is an improvisation and mix of hip-hop, jazz and other dance subgenres.  This is a technical, fun and energetic class.

Our professional team are dedicated to nurturing students and ensuring the correct and most suitable growth path along their training journey, we embrace your and develop creativity and expression which enables the student to perform with confidence.  Our team will ensure that students attend dance classes which suit their knowledge, ability level and potential in order to ensure growth and development in the Performing Arts..

Our classes are challenging and dynamic and are filled with fun, encouragement, and excitement.


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