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Conducted by veteran acting coaches, our drama classes will be focused on a number of concepts including:

  • Speech and Drama
  • Individual Acting Skills
  • Group Performance
  • Shakespeare
  • Choral Speaking
  • Communication Skills

Our adult acting lessons will involve different dynamic exercises that will hone the different aspects of acting, such as audition style, improvisation, monologues & character study, scene study, and voice & movement.

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London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) lessons in Dubai

For our LAMDA drama and theatre accreditation syllabi, lessons and classes are designed to delve into more comprehensive aspects of the art. Students are trained in developing a wide range of acting techniques in order to produce moving performances such as character development, choreography, monologues, scene work, staging, and vocal work.

Benefits of our acting and drama classes

Drama is an art that produces multiple positive character impacts. For one, it helps improve self-confidence. The impact of performing in front of an audience helps students grow more confident in their skills, ideas, and abilities. This same confidence can have a positive effect on a student’s academics, career, or personal life.

Drama also helps expand one’s creativity and imagination. The practice of coming up with new creative ideas, interpreting written material, and envisioning scenes helps foster creativity. Since drama requires one to work with other people, it also helps build communication skills, particularly verbal and non-verbal expression. Through constant practice, drama classes help improve word articulation, language fluency, voice projection, and listening & observation skills.

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You can also call us direct @ +971 433 07338 or 800 DIVERSE (3483773) for your queries. Start learning and growing in the beautiful art of drama and theatre with us today!

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