Creating a space filled with inspiration, dedication, laughter, commitment, support for one another, love and so much more. Has undoubtedly been the most rewarding part of teaching at Diverse for me. Our extended, Diverse family all hold a very special place in my heart and make the hard work we pour into it all so worthwhile.

Lisa Marshall

Principal and Head of Contemporary/Teacher

Lisa teaches advanced level Contemporary from age 9-18 years, advanced level Dance Fusion from age 8-16 years and advanced level Musical Theatre from age 12-18 years.

Lisa has worked in the entertainments industry for over 20 years. Lisa began her training at Elmhurst Ballet School in Surrey, UK, then went on to graduate from Laine Theatre Arts with an honours diploma in musical theatre.

Lisa’s career began starring as an actress, singer, and dancer in West End favourites such as ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and ‘Jus’ like that’ – a musical comedy about the life of Tommy Cooper. On the big screen, Lisa has worked with household favourites such as Tim Burton, Stephen Hopkins, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Charlize Theron, working on sets of movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers and If Only.

For both acting and dancing, Lisa’s TV credits include – Bad Girls, Footballers Wives and Top of the Pops as well as presenting roles on cable TV.

Since moving to Dubai in 2008 to establish Diverse Choreography, Lisa has Choreographed a number of corporate events such as the Alternative Energy Awards – Abu Dhabi, The Diamond and Gold Commodities Conference Jewellery show, Atlantis Hotel, Gala Dinner for Ferrari, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, Launch and fashion show – Lamborghini showroom, Muscat and co-choreographed Tap Dogs vs Breakers at the Dubai Mall to name a few.

Lisa has since focused her time only, to the running and development of Diverse PA.

“I have been the principal of Diverse PA since 2008. Teaching the varying ages and different styles that I do, allows me the opportunity to watch my students progress from little 8 year olds who have fallen in love with performing arts, all the way up to semi-professional 18 year olds with burgeoning professional careers. Teaching children for a period of 10 years, means I teach some students more than any other teacher in their lives, which is such a privilege We are all family at Diverse, one I am very proud of, and for some of my seniors who I have taught for as many years… An agony aunt! I cannot begin to express how proud I am of all our students, at every stage of their progress and how lucky I feel to have them as part of a huge, extended family”


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