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We have highly qualified instructors who can guide you through the learning process. We will be tackling all the proper techniques when it comes to breathing, diction, intonation, phrasing, support, and tone quality. We will also be studying the different styles of singing involved in different genres, including jazz, opera, musical theatre, pop, and rock. At the end of each year, students will be allowed to showcase their talents and craft through a repertoire.

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Singing lessons in Dubai for beginners

We offer singing classes in Dubai of varying levels of complexity. We have child-friendly classes that are built to introduce the basic techniques to young students. Classes will include an introduction to musical knowledge, rhythm, singing, and vocal technique in order to give aspiring singers a strong foundation to build on.

Advanced singing lessons in Dubai

We also have more complex classes that are geared towards equipping students that have reached a more advanced level of vocal prowess. Our advanced classes are designed to develop vocal dynamics, vocal agility, vocal flexibility, and other aspects that will be crucial in order to pass the LAMDA exams. If you are considering pursuing a career in theatre or music, these singing lessons are perfect for you.

Benefits of our vocal lessons

Under the expert guidance of our vocal coaches, students are in a great position to improve their talents, explore a variety of musical styles, and further nurture their musical experience and background. With focused and individualised lessons, students are guided and coached based on their unique talents and personalities, thus allowing them to fully grow and maximise their abilities.

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